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Latex Videoclips:

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Silent Movie:
Laura Latex
''Laura Latex and the mind machine''.
a rediscovered historic latex movie.

Resolution: 1440x1080 pixels

15 years L.A.TEX
A short celebration of 15 years of
latex photography and videoclips
with some never before seen footage.
Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels

Black Kat
Kat in black latex
playing with a yellow ball.

Resolution: 1280x720 pixels

Bianca Doll:
Out in London
A blind and inflated Bianca.
walks around outside
in London.
Resolution: 1280x720 pixels

Bianca Doll:
The Laptop
An inflated Bianca.
tries to type
without hands.
Resolution: 1280x720 pixels
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